Adventures with CET Neva, Peak Somoni 7495m

CET  "Neva"
adventurous travel agency, St.Petersburg, Russia

Anatoly Moshnikov

Anatoly Moshnikov (1953-2011), CET NEVA founder and director, died at October 1st, 2011 during an ascent in Altai (Russia).

Funeral will be held in St. Petersburg, October 7, 2011 (see details on the russian page).

CET "Neva"
Nevsky av. 135, apt. 38
193024 St.Petersburg
tel: (812) 717 4983
tel/fax: (812) 717 5066

Anatoly Moshnikov, Director

Serguei Kalmykov, web editor

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  • CET Neva tours – mountaineering, climbing, trekking, ski tours, kayaking, rafting

    • Pamir, Peak Ismail Somoni (ex-Communism, 7495m) and Peak Korjenevskoy (7105m)
      (also see updated tour descriptions in English, in French, in Spanish and in Russian)
    • Pamir, Peak Lenin (7134m)
    • Tian-Shan, Khan-Tengri (7010m) and Victory Peak (7439m)
    • Expeditions into Chinese Pamir – Muztagh-Ata (7546 m) and Kongur (7719 m)
    • Caucasus, ascent of Mt. Elbrus (5642m) from the South
      (also see updated tour descriptions in English, in French, in Spanish and in Russian)
    • Caucasus, ascent of Mt. Elbrus (5642m) from the North
    • Ski tours on Central Caucasus, ski ascent of Elbrus
      (also see updated tour descriptions in English and in Spanish)
    • Bezengui – five summits higher than 5000m above the sea! The most elevated, majestic and virgin region on the Caucasus.
    • St.Petersburg and Karelia, summer tour. Tour description, photogalleries: "Petersburg's views", "In Losevo rapids '98".
    • Karelia, winter ski tour description and photogallery'98
    • Kola peninsula, winter ski tour
      (also see updated tour descriptions in English and in Spanish)
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  • CET Neva agency – history, objectives, annual reports

    • About CET Neva
    • Annual report 1997
    • Annual report 1998
    • Annual report 1999
    • Summer 2002 CET Neva expeditions:  
      Peaks Khan-Tengri (7010m) and Pobedy (Victory peak, 7439 m), Tian-Shan;
      The only Central Pamir expedition in summer 2002.
  • Our travels

    • Winter Matterhorn-2005
    • "Winter Dreams" - ascent of the peak Urriellu West wall, A4-A5, February 2001, Spain
    • The North Pole April 1997
    • Eiger, the North Wall - February 1997
    • Dhaulagiri, fall of 1996
    • Pamir - August 1996
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  • Mountain events and news

    • 2nd Russian edition of INTO THIN AIR by Jon Krakauer in translation by Serguey Kalmykov issued in November 2008 in St. Petersburg
    • "I'm ready to make my apologies to Jon Krakauer," S.Shibaev tells – continuing polemics
    • Eugene Gasilov needs our help again
    • About Jon Krakauer's book INTO THIN AIR
    • Jannu 2004 – 2nd Russian Expedition
    • EVEREST-2003 - jubilee expedition from St. Petersburg, Russia
    • Gasilov needs the help again!
    • CET Neva: the only Central Pamir expedition in summer 2002.
    • "Khan-Tengri and Victory peak 2002" CET Neva expedition is over successfully
    • In the memory of Dmitry Kirsanov
    • Operation "Help Eugene Gasilov!"
    • Gone friends - losses of the Petersburg climbing community in the summer season 2001
    • 100-anniversary of the Russian mountaineering sport in St.-Petersburg
    • "Winter Dreams" - ascent of peak Urriellu (Spain) on West wall A4-A5, February 2001
    • On the Festival and around it: review by A.Moshnikov
    • Big Wall Festival 2000 in Yosemities
    • Sorrowful news from the Cho-Oyu 2000 expedition.
    • acquired by Quokka Sport
    • Bart Vos: truth or lie - scandal in Himalaya
    • About the Championship of Russia 1999
    • Once again about G. Mallory: C.Anker in National Geographic Magazine
    • Serguey Arsentiev's body, probably, found on Mt.Everest
    • 12th Petersburg rock climbing festival 1999
    • George Mallory's body found on Mt. Everest!
    • Expedition to Cho-Oyu for perished friend, spring 1999
    • Far away from the people's world - ascent of peak "5013" North Wall (Pamiro-Alai)
    • Bhagirathi III, West Face, Russian Route '98
    • Petersburg's climbers won the Championship of Russia 1998
    • Tragedy on Mt.Everest'98
    • Cho-Oyu'98 - friend's death
    • 11th Petersburg rock climbing festival 1998
    • In memoriam

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