Expedition on Central Pamir, to two "7-thousanders":
Peak Ismail Somoni (ex-Communism) and Peak Korjenevskoy
Communism from NE
Communism, route of the ascent
Peak Korjenevskoy
Korjenevskaya, route of the ascent

Pamir map Peak Ismail Somoni (ex-Communism, 7495m), which sometimes is erroneously referred to Peak Garmo, towers over the joint of two mountain ranges, Peter the First Ridge (latitudinal) and Academy of Sciences Ridge (meridional), on the North-West Pamir. This was the former USSR highest peak, its neighbour, Peak Korjenevskoy (7105m) standing in 12km to the North from Peak Somoni, took the 4th place.

Three glaciers, Fortambek, Moskvina and Valter flow down from the North slope of the Peak Somoni. The Base Camp (4100 m) is installed on a grassy glade, Moskvina Meadow, between Valter and Moskvina glaciers. From here a number of routes leads to Peak Somoni, Peak Korjenevskoy and to other summits of the region. Here exists, as well, one of marvels of the nature, the Great Pamir Snow Plateau, – a flat glacier surface of 12x3 sq.km elevated up to more than 6000-meter altitude.

Before to get start to the Peak Somoni, climbers make acclimatization ascents of lesser mountains, Peaks Vorobiova (5691m), Chetyrekh (6299m, the name means Peak of Four) and Korjenevskoy (7105m). From their summits picturesque views of the great mountain node are opened from various points.

Possible schedule of the expedition'2005.

Day 1
Arrival to Dushanbe, capital of the Tajikistan. Meeting in aeroport, transfer to hotel.
Day 3
Flight to the Moskvin Meadow Base Camp (4200 m) by helicopter.
Days 3-4
Walking, preliminary acclimatization round the Base Camp.
Days 5-6
Ascent of Peak Vorobiova (5691m). Night in tents at the altitude about 4900m. Return to BC.
Day 7
Rest day in BC.
Days 8-10
Ascent of Peak Chetyrekh (6299m). Two nights in tents (approximately 5100m and 6000m) then climb of the summit and return down to BC
Days 11-12
Rest days in BC.
Days 13-16
Ascent of Peak Korjenevskoy (7105m). Three nights in tents at 5400m, 6300m and 6300m.
Day 17
Return to BC.
Days 18-19
Rest days in BC.
Days 20-24
Ascent of Peak Somoni (7495m) via normal Borodkin's route. Four nights in tents at 5200m, 6000m, 6900m, 6900m or 6000m.
Day 25
Return to BC
Day 26
Reserve day.
Day 27
Helicopter flight from BC to Dushanbe. Night in hotel.
Day 28
Flight home.

Price'2005 of the expedition with non-guided ascent for each participant from Dushanbe to Dushanbe – €1885.

The price includes:
invitation for obtaining of Tajik visa;
all necessary official fees in the Tajikistan (including climbing permits);
hotel installation in Dushanbe (bed&breakfast);
all surface transfers necessary for realization of the expedition;
helicopter flights to BC and back;
guide-consultant in BC;
organization expenses and CET Neva overheads;
services in BC:
     3 meals a day;
     double sleeping tents and camp equipment;
     mess tent, cook, 220V 50Hz electricity;
     medical assistance and doctor;
     sauna or shower;
basic food during the ascents (climbers are recommended to have their own food personally preferred on high altitudes).

The price does not include:
accomodation and transfers in Moscow;
flight Moscow-Dushanbe and back if participants arrive to Dushanbe through Moscow;
excess luggage transportationon (more than 20kg on internal air lines and more than 40kg by helicopter);
rent of mountaineering equipment;
personal expenses;
unexpected premature evacuation;
cost of visas.

To obtain visas, send us your personal data: full name / sex / date and place of birth / citizenship / passport number and issue date / home address and fax number.

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