Enjoy summer St.Petersburg and Karelia!

S. Kalmykov

Dear friend,
the spring comes and you begin planning your vacations. More and more frequently an idea to see Saint Petersburg, the northern russian capital, visits you. Brilliant idea! But let me give a recommendation. Combine together in the same tour the sightseeing of St.-Petersburg and its noteworthy suburbs and a travel on its Karelian environs. Because St.-Petersburg is not a town entire of itself. Its charm, its special spirit are produced both by its unique architecture and by nature of this northern land similar to the Scandinavia.

St.-Petersburg, the northern capital of Russia, founded by Peter the Great more than three hundred years ago, concentrates the best of Europe of XVIII-XIX centuries in the city plan and architecture. In spite of cruel waves of contemporary Soviet/Russian history it continues to retain its special spirit and its special face; the face of the most european town in the Russia, the face of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The city is in a perfect harmony with the northern nature which surrounds it. Fine pine silhouettes rise upward above Karelian lakes just like as the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral spire does above the Neva river. When the "white nights" season arrives, St. Petersburg's granite embankments are poised in the transparent silence above the waters like as the rocks do above Ladozhskoe lake.

Undoubtedly, you will obtain unforgettable and very profound impressions. The sunsets will deeper touch your heart after a hard day of rowing in a boat, and a simple meal cooked on an open fire under the karelian sky will be tastier than that prepared by a professional chef in a restaurant.

Petersburg's views - photogallery

In Losevo rapids - photogallery

Proposed tour program consists of three parts:

1. The city of St. Petersburg (4 days).
Walking around the city, getting acquainted with its architecture, places of interest. Visits to: the St. Issac Cathedral - the biggest and the most beautiful church in the city; to Sts. Peter and Paul Fortress and Cathedral - the place where St. Petersburg was founded in 1703; excursion to the Hermitage, one of the greatest and richest museums of the world, comparable with Vatican museum and Louvre. Boat excursions on the Neva river and canals of St. Petersburg - rivers and canals, bridges and embankments - their beauty composes a characteristic of our city. Trip to Petershoff: this small town, the former summer residence of russian tzars, is worldwidely known owing to its numerous, beautiful and fanciful fountains.

2. Losevo rapids (1 day).
The railway station Losevo is situated 2 hours from the city by train. In several hundreds of metres from the station a short (only about 1km long) but powerful and turbulent water flow connects two lakes of the Vuoksa system. Here you will have an opportunity to make an impetuous jump from the upper lake to the lower one. Experienced sportsmen will assist you.

3. Kayaking through the skerries of Ladozhskoe lake (7-8 days).
It looks like a sea - Ladoga which is the largest european lake, in some places as deep as 270m. In its northern part ancient glaciers formed a land consisting of hundreds of islands, bays and channels. The words are useless to describe the beauty of these granite verticals, sandy beaches, pine tree forests which underlines the huge expanse of the Ladoga. While living on these islands, not yet touched by civilization, one feels to be a part of the surrounding nature.

The route (about 180km long) begins from the small town of Priozersk on the western shore (3 hours from Petersburg by train) and leads to Pitkäranta on the eastern shore (one night to Petersburg by train), it takes 6 to 9 days depending on the weather. Here we'll use baidarkas, dismountable and collapsible version of kayak.

Finally one day in St. Petersburg at the end of the tour. The whole tour is planned to take 2 weeks. Accommodation in the city is proposed in private flats.

June and beginning of July is the "white nights" season, another gem of our northern lands, a period of the best weather. August is also good but Ladoga is more crowded because this is vacation time. Berries and mushrooms are available in late July until September, the fishing is better at the beginning of the summer. Mosquitos are a problem, you are advised to bring some means of protection.

Both the excursions in the city and the Losevo/Ladoga trips are guided by specialists speaking main european languages.

Price'2005 of the tour is €595 per person.

The price includes:
- transfer from the airport by bus
- accommodation and two meals daily in St.Petersburg
- services of a guide
- living expenses during the lake travel
- rent of the baidarkas and kayaks equipment.

The price does not include:
-international flight
-luggage transportation by air
-personal expenses
-cost of visa
-unexpected premature evacuation cost
-excursion program

We await you! Your proposals on the itineraries and the schedules are welcome.

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