Exotic Ski Tour on Kola Peninsula
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The Khibiny mountains are almost unknown to western tourists. This is a mountain country above the Polar Circle, in the very heart of the Kola peninsula, with the highest point being Mt. Tchasnotchor (1191m). Traces of the Ice Age, such as huge circuses, canyons and granite outcrops, produce an unforgettable mountainous sight. Not far from the town of Kirovsk, a resort for downhill skiing, there are several powerful apatite mines. During the "moon rush" in 60th elevated plateaux nearby the town were used for testing "Lunokhod", soviet moon research vehicle. Kirovsk inhabitants boast with their Botanic garden, the most northern one in the world.

The best period for ski touring is February till late April. The day temperatures rise up to 10C, though the night one may drop as low as -25C. After March 21 the length of the day surpasses 12 hours.

The route goes across open mountainous countryside at altitudes of 200 to 1000m. Night bivouacs are organized in huts or heated tent refuges in a forest zone. Experienced guides accompany you in the travel and make all necessary to discover the wild beauty of the polar nature for you.

The tour provides a couple of days to see St.Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities of the world.  

Schedule of the tour day by day

Day 1 Arrival to St.Petersburg. Departure to Apatity by train.
Day 2 A day and two nights in the train.
Day 3 Morning arrival to Apatity station, then 30min by bus and the ski tour begins. Kukiswumchorr pass, descent in the valley of Geologists, down to Kuelpor hut. Night in the hut. Upwards 120m, downwards 220m, distance 18km, about 5 hours. Back-sac: sleeping-bag, carrymat, personal belongings, day snack.
Day 4 Ascent/descent of Mt.Kaskasniunchorr (1080m). Back to the hut. Night in the hut. Total altitude gain 920m, 15km, 4-6h. Back-sac: ex-clothes, day snack.
Day 5 Start out for 3 day round ski trip. Crossing South Chorgorr pass to the Meridionalny spring valley down to tent refuge. 600m, 17km, 6h. Back-sac: sleeping bag, carrymat, personal belongings, day snack.
Day 6 Ski ascent of Chasnachorr (1191m), the highest point of the Khibinies. Back to the refuge. 900m, 23km, 6h. Back-sac: ex-clothes, day snack. Night in tent.
Day 7Return to the hut across North Chorgorr pass. Night in hut. Sauna. 820m, 14km, 6h. Back-sac: sleeping bag, carrymat, personal belongings, day snack.
Day 8 A day trip to the lake of Paikuniavr, across passes Umba and North Rischorr. Back to the hut. Option: the rest day. 800m, 15km, 5h.
Day 9 Ascent/descent of Mt.Putellichorr. Perfect ski descent. Back to the hut. 910m, 12km, 5h.
Day 10 Start out for 3 day return trip over West Petrelius pass to a tent refuge in valley of Malaia Belaia river. Up 580m, down 420m, 19km, 6h. Back-sac: sleeping bag, carrymat, personal belongings, day snack.
Day 11 Ascent/descent of Mt.Takhtarwumchorr (980m). Back to tent. 620m, 10km, 4h.
Day 12 Over Ramsay pass to Maly Wudiavr lake. By bus to Kirovsk. Sauna. Depart to St.Petersburg by train. Up 340m, down 460m, 18km, 5h.
Day 13 In the train.
Day 14 Early morning arrival to St.Petersburg. Visit to the town, shopping, souvenirs. Farewell party.
Day 15 Departure back to home.

Rem 1. Heated hut allows to dry the clothes, to have a safe and quiet rest observing fantastic spectacle of the Aurora Borealis.

Rem 2. As an option for days 8 and 9 you can choose heliski program.

Necessary skiing gear:
skis, boots & poles (telemark or ski-tour skis with skin and ski-knifes);
clothing: warm (woolen) pullover, tights, cap, mittens, windproof suit, socks, etc.;
warm clothes change for the bivouac;
sleeping belongings, sleeping bag, carrymat;
overhead lamp;
flask or thermos for warm drinks;
sunblock, sunglasses.

Price'2005 of the tour is:

€625 per each for team of 6- 8 persons,
€595 per each for team of 9-14 persons

The price includes: transportations in St.Petersburg and in Kirovsk;
accommodation and English speaking guide while sightseeing in St.Petersburg;
CET Neva guide with his auxiliary team;
three meals a day;
nights in huts and in tent refuges;
a cook.

The price doesn't include: internal transportation by plane or by train;
luggage transportation;
personal expenses;
Russian visa;
unexpected premature departure.

To obtain your visa send us data of all the participants: full name/ date and place of birth/citizenship/passport number and issue date. Then we will send the official invitation to you and the copy the Russian Consular Department, where you will get the visa. You have to check an accuracy in every point of your visa, please!

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