C. Anker: again about G. Mallory's body discovery

Conrad Anker, member of the Mallory - Irwine expedition 1999, who was the first to have found Mallory's body, has published an article about the event in the National Geographic Magazine, October 1999. Here below we quote only a small part of the article where the question whether Mallory was the first to have reached the Everest top is discussed.

Had Mallory been the first person to stand on top of the world? From what we found with his body and from the difficulties I experienced myself in climbing his route to the summit, I think it's highly improbable, for the following reasons:

None of this, of course, has lessened my admiration for Mallory and Irvine. The route they pioneered to the Northeast Ridge in the 1920s is the one most climbed today on the north side. For the two of them to have gotten as high as they did with the resources they had is truly amazing. Whether or not they made the summit, they will forever hold a place as heroes on the world's highest peak.

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