Central Pamir '2002 - CET NEVA expedition

August 29, St. Petersburg. According to A. Moshikov.

The expedition is over safely. All the members returned home. Except for the Spanish climber, mentioned in the previous dispatch, the peak Somoni top has been reached by one Russian member more. Climbing the peak Korjenevskoy has been failed.

August 20. Dushanbé (Tajikistan capital), from the CETNEVA partner.

All the guys climbed down OK from the peak Somoni. Only one of Spanish climbers, alone, had summited. After a rest they got start again, this time for the peak Korjenevskoy. In Dushanbé, we are waiting for confirmation of the departure date (August 24) from them. I'm going to inform you immediately.

August 1 to 15. From A. Moshnikov by phone.

This summer, as always, CET "Neva" agency carries out its expedition to the Central Pamir. Having arrived, our international group turned out to be alone at the Base Camp among peaks Somoni (ex-Communism), Korjenevskoy and other Pamir giants - none other expedition was being there.

The expedition personnel consists of 4 climbers from Russia (Petersburg, Irkutsk), 2 local guides from Tajikistan (probably), 2 climbers - from France, 4 - from Spain and 2 - from Turkey. Anatoly Moshnikov, the agency director, is the chief.

The expedition time frames are July 24 to August 26 (Bishkek, Kirghizstan capital, - Bishkek). Being typical, the climbing program includes two acclimatization ascents of peaks Vorobiov (5691 m) and Chetyriokh (peak of Fours, 6299 m), and two main climbs - peak Korjenevskoy (7105 m) and peak Somoni (ex-Communism, 7495 m).

The weather was favourable during the initial part of the expedition, and at the 1st of August the climbers summited peak Chetyriokh successfully. Then the conditions deteriorated. For the moment we have no information concerning the Korjenevskoy attempt, but August 15 all of them are known to be high on Somoni slopes. August 24 the team is to leave the BC for Karamyk (Kirghizstan) by helicopter.

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