Mt. Everest (8848m - the world highest mountain):

In the spring A. Moshnikov with a group of climbers took part in the Russian Everest Expedition 1998. Some events that occured there are described in our site: "On March 20 Anatoly Moshnikov, CET "Neva" Director (on the right in the picture) flew out from Petersburg to Moscow together with french climber Gilles Roman. In Moscow three american citizens - Serguei Arsentiev, formerly member of the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute Mountaineering Club, his wife, Francis Distefano, and Fred Barth - will join them..." Actually, only G.Roman was CET Neva client but others had their own programs. Moshnikov (using no artificial oxygen) and Gilles summited May 22 at 1p.m. local time and then descended down to the Base Camp. This was the second Moshnikov's oxygenless climb of the Mt. Everest top (the first one had been in 1990 - J.Whittaker's three-lateral Peace Climb). However the ascent had been coloured in black with the death of Francis and Serguei, a few days later,  on the summit ridge (you can read that sinister story on the pages of the site as well).

Climbing on Caucasus

Expedition to Peak Lenin (7134 m), Zaalaiskii Range, Pamirs:

CET Neva expedition consisted of tree climbers from France and one from Switzerland, the expedition leader was Anatoly Moshnikov, the agency Director. Two French climbers and the guide had summited and the Swiss had reached 7000m.

Expedition's photos may be seen in an our site page in French.

Expedition into the Central Tian-Shan - to Mts. Pobeda (Victory Peak, 7439 m - the world northernmost "seven-thousander") and Khan-Tengri (7010 m):

August, CET Neva guide and expedition leader - N. Totmianin.

Khan-Tengri: non-guided group of three French climbers summited August 15.

Pobeda: four clients from Spain and the guide summited August 23.

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