XI Petersburg Rock Climbing Festival
Rock massif on Hawk Lake

May 8 to 10, successfully as always, the traditional Petersburg climbers' festival "Climbing for everybody" had been held. The competitions in four different disciplines of rock climbing for 15 age groups were carried out on granite massif around Hawk Lake in Karelia, 150km to the North from Petersburg.

Individual speed climbing, womenOf course, the most popular discipline was rock marathon on 70 relatively short routes or, how it is called sometimes, bouldering. 606 persons took part in it! Many children were among the participants that was especially pleasant. Gosha (George) Kaurov and L'uba Lukina turned out to be the youngest prizres, both being five years old. The most aged participant was more than 60.

Teams from seven russian towns and even from abroad (Finland) took part in the competitions: from Petersburg, Gatchina, Kirovsk, Koroliov, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Sosnovy Bor (Pine Forest), Helsinki. Owing to the sponsor support, the referee board could awarded the winners with valuable prizes (down jackets and alpine ropes, for example).

In the marathon the winners were defined for the total score (Serguei Shemulinkin - 67 routes climbed and Ann Saburova - 57), only for difficult routes, only on speed tracks and in each of the 15 age groups.
Another discipline was individual climbing on long (about 100m) and difficult track (winners were S.Shemulinkin and S.Fedotovskaya; Galina Efremova, the third prizer, on the photo).
The third discipline was rope team competition. Again S.Shemulinkin(!) together with M.Umnitsyn turned out to be the team-winner.
Finally, the fourth one was team relay racing.

The weather was perfect, all was joyful and interesting.

Festival general sponsors: "Mountex" (Gen. Dir. A.Andreev), "Altus Group" (Gen. Dir. V.Pleskachevsky).
Sponsors: "Layenis", "On-top", "Ilax", "Hobbit", "Alev", "Bit", "Vertical", "ZhelDorStroi", "TopSportTravel" et al..

General Referee: M.Klement'ev, main secretary: A.Vershkov.

The information was provided by K.Grigor'ev, photos by M.Pronin.

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